Rightfully named ‘Island of the Gods’, Bali is the island that placed Indonesia on the world tourism map. This small island has been attracting inspiration hunters, spiritual seekers, wave riders, beach bums, and casual wanderers alike since the ‘30s. The island hosts some of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia, even the world. Golden sand, stunning sunsets and sunrise, challenging waves, perfect weather, and beautiful underwater world are all part of the charm of Bali. 

Sure, picturesque beaches might suffice as a reason to visit Bali, but even so, one of the most attractive and intriguing qualities of Bali is its culture. Captivating and exotic, Balinese culture is an epitome of harmony. Hinduism is not just a religion for Balinese. It is in every part of their being. Balanced relationship with the Gods, universe and each other is what it thrives on. Rituals are strongly practised, art and culinary as part of the captivating culture are also celebrated.