The capital is situated on a plateau 768 meters above sea level with a cool climate thought out the year. Although it has a population of over two million the pace of city life is slower than Jakarta’s.  There are short drives up to the mountain resorts of Lembang and higher to the volcanic crater of the Tangkuban Perahu, the only crater in Java accessible all the way by car as far as rim. It is an awe-inspiring sight of emanating sulphur fumes. Just 15 minute drive from Tangkuban Perahu is the crater hot springs resort where you can swim in warm mineral water pools, good for healing skin problems. Proceed to Handicraft Centre - A place where we can get Sundanese specialties, such as Angklung the bamboo instruments, the famous Wayang Golek or wooden puppet, hand carving, batik leather or cotton bags, and many other specific handcrafts. Spare your time in Cihampelas - Commercial area which offers a huge collections of jeans and many other garment products.